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30 October 2015 @ 03:05 pm
Since people have been asking...


• Feel free to re-upload (mirrors are welcomed)
• Feel free to upload to streaming sites.
• Feel free to re-post and share the links.
• Feel free to sell the videos/subs (are there people who would buy it anyway?)
• Feel free to re-translate to other languages (just keep in mind that my translations may not be 100% accurate)
• Feel free to claim as yours.

Basically feel free to do whatever you want with these subtitles/videos.
I only ask to tell me if some links do not work or if I made a mistake in the translation or my English. Thanks!


You can contact me by writting a comment, sending a private message or sending an email to


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· Sakurai·Ariyoshi THE Yakai (2018.05.17) - KAT-TUN


• My main blog (in Spanish) Link
[Index] Videos with Spanish Subs. Link
[Index] KAT-TUN's discography (singles, albums, PVs, makings, DVDs, booklets, etc.) Link
21 July 2017 @ 04:45 pm
For KISS KISS KISS single, Kame and Ueda created a song, Arigatou, "together" (you know what I mean if you've watched the Special vid included in the single xD). But in the end they chose the lyrics that Ueda wrote.
For his concerts, Kame is singing this song but with the lyrics that he wrote. So here it is the translation ^^

These are the official lyrics because they are written in the pamphlet of the concert.

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